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We received mail stating that our account had been escrowed as well & instead of our payment being $598.00/mo it is now $1200.00/mo. We called to make our normal payment but they would not let us do it but got the runaround (transferred to several differnt departments) & were told to call back after a certain date so when we did that, now they are charging us a late fee & want us to give them a list of our expenses vs.

income and will not accept our payment unless we give it to them. When I asked to speak with a manager, they would not divulge that information and were extremely rude. When I called back, the same lady answered the phone.

We left a message on the ethnic line and never received a return call. All we wanted to do was make our payment but no one would help us.

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Beware. This company is owned by billionaire D.

Andrew Beal. Pays attorneys and magistrate judges off to win, true story, substantiated by many across the country. MGC Mortgage Inc. claims to service for LNV Corporation.

LNV Corporation is NOT a real company except on paper. Something definitely not right. This is all about illegal accounting, deceptive business practices, insurance fraud, thievery, and tax evasion. Fraud fraud fraud.

Covered up by many governmental authorities, those at least that D. Andrew Beal has paid off thus far. Most all that work for him are attorneys. DO NOT contact MGCcomplaintescalations email.

This is answered by Erica Fitzpatrick Thomas who is an attorney for MGC Mortgage Inc. but will tell you she is the vice president and will not say she is an attorney while you spill your guts to seek help. DO NOT give these crooks your personal information. This company submits fraudulent documents to the court and utilizes foreclosure mill attorneys who will stop at nothing.

This massive Ponzi scheme devised as a syndicated debt covenant is coming to an end relatively soon. This company lies, steals, and cheats. Nothing this company says is true. Nothing.

All they say can be disputed. Do your homework. This company came about like the "big boom" just out of no where in January 2008. Think about when the bail out occurred.

Think about who ordered the bail out. Think about who has benefited from the bail out? Who then too acquired twenty five million dollars given as an anonymous donation to something relatively new built in Texas.

Again, do your homework. This is a real scam and revolves around politics.


Prima facie I do not think there should be any dtiuicflfy in getting the loan . Probably your bad credit is haunting you .

Assuming you have bad credit due to any reason whatsoever it should be possible to explain to the potential lender the reasons which led to the problems . You may further convince the potential lender that the causes which led to bad credit no longer exist . It is a question of putting up your story in a proper way . Of course the problem can be solved quickly if the lender listens to your story with empathy .

If this does not work , as a stratey you may try high cost loan where the credit rating may not be an issue . After repaying some part , you can approach a new lender who offers you take over loan facility at a soft rate.

He will be guided by the latest record of repayment . All in all , it should not be difficult matter.


this mgc company is stealing money and there have too bee some stop too it hecompany is now returning payent that they have held to place my loan in default , claim not to have recieved others i dont know how they keep getting away wththis practice pleae wants some one stop this , my property is in tenn, my email is jaylen0159@yahoo.com


I have been fighting with this company since 2008, even had to get a lawyer to help because of their crooked business practices involving my mortgage. Took money from my account in sept.

2008, then denied it for several months, then said it was to cover late fees and assessments, raised my payment, and have done nothing but tell one lie after another, even though mortgage has never been in default! How do companies like this get away with this type of behavior?????

MGC Representative
Middleburgh, New York, United States #343636

As an authorized representative of MGC Mortgage, I ask the customer who posted this complaint to contact us directly at mgccomplaintescalations@mgcmortgage.com. We will be glad to work with you on this issue.

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