I recieved a remod- They want me to waive my option to litigate in the future if I find that my account was handled fraudulently.I have search my optins and talk to friends that are lawyers and they tell me that I am stuck like a rock in a hard place. I can either sign the documents and send it in or let the forclosure proceed.

That in turn messes up my credit and opportunity for further investments and purchases.

I have limited time and resources to battle this situation, being that I exhausted a lot graduating from school.

Review about: Mgc Mortgage Mortgage.

Monetary Loss: $10000.

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NO WAIVER! Yourworsenightmare is right!


This company is owned by billionaire D. Andrew Beal. Pays attorneys and magistrate judges off to win, true story, substantiated by many across the country. MGC Mortgage Inc.

claims to service for LNV Corporation. LNV Corporation is not a real company except on paper. Something definitely not right. Covered up by many governmental authorities, those at least that D.

Andrew Beal has paid off. All that work for him are attorneys. They submit fraudulent documents to the court. This massive Ponzi scheme devised as a syndicated debt covenant is coming to an end relatively soon.

This company lies, steals, and cheats. Nothing this company says is true. Nothing.

All they say can be disputed. Do your homework.


DON'T SIGN A WAIVER!!!! Get a lawyer, that's what we've done.

The lawyer hired a investigator, and both have worked with several states to compile charges against MGC's fraudlant and criminal activities.

MGC along with many of their employees are likely facing criminal and civil charges. Just get a good lawyer for now.

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