I have talked to 8 different people since November 9 requesting a freeze letter to my bank stating that I can't borrow or ask for any money on my home equity line with MGC. I want to refinance at my bank and payoff MGC.

My bank has sent several faxes to MGC without any response from them. I have spend over 7 hours talking to these so called customer service reps and on hold for over half the time. I always get a different fax number with no response. I ask for a supervisor and I swear there is no supervisors at MGC.

I am so frustated. I am going to get my Congressman involved

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MGCCOMPLAINTESCALATIONS as posted below is by Erica Fitzpatrick Thomas who is an attorney with MGC but will not tell you so, when you call. Tell her nothing as she is not out to help you.

This company is a hoax.

Beware. This company is owned by billionaire D. Andrew Beal.

Pays attorneys and magistrate judges off to win, true story, substantiated by many across the country. MGC Mortgage Inc. claims to service for LNV Corporation. LNV Corporation is not a real company except on paper and has been made by the law firm Jenkens and Gilchrist PC who was shut down by federal agents for designing tax shams for America's wealthiest of which Beal falls into that catagory.

Something definitely not right. Covered up by many governmental authorities, those at least that D. Andrew Beal has paid off. All that work for him are attorneys.

They submit fraudulent documents to the court. This massive Ponzi scheme devised as a syndicated debt covenant is coming to an end relatively soon. This company lies, steals, and cheats. Nothing this company says is true.


All they say can be disputed. Do your homework.

Russells Point, Ohio, United States #651420

Newsflash: MGC Mortgage of Lake Zurich IL (Plano TX and Paradise Nevada) is inept and incompetent for the most part, and has deceptive business practices and acts illegally. This company does not have a license in MANY states.

They are using Dovenmuehle Mortgage, Inc as a front. Look up the officers that make up MGC as well as the rest of these companies and you will begin to see a pattern. Do your homework and do it thoroughly, or lose your home by facing a lawsuit for foreclosure by LNV Corporation, not MGC...though they are one and the same and interconnected heftily. Perhaps you loan was made with hedge funds?

This company mysteriously acquired many loans, but not legally and is robbing many blindly.

Gather your paperwork and review it all very closely. Cross reference everything. Understand your case from front to back. Find out how exactly MGC acquired your loan.

Get an audit done if need be. Hire a lawyer if need be and ensure that your attorney and your judge are on the up and up, as some judicial figures and attorneys have been paid off as the pockets are deep. I will guarantee you, there will be gross irregularities and inconsistencies as well as possible fabrications in your documents. Look up who owns or has primary interest in MGC Mortgage and LNV Corporation and many other companies too, associated with those same names.

That in itself speaks volumes. Look too to see if at any time you were with GMAC.

Oh, how the story unfolds...hang on, and know it will be entertaining. Whatever you do, do not give up.

Lone Tree, Colorado, United States #624954

I have doubts about MGC being sincere about willing to help, they just want to make your life more miserable. They are incapable of helping, only hurting.

Salt Lake City, Utah, United States #590856

Get a lawyer that specialized in this type of stuff. YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!!

All the lawfirms are well aware af this crooked company. In our situation the lawyer didn't even charge us anything, they're making MGC pay.

MGC Representative

As an authorized representative of MGC Mortgage, I ask the customer who posted this complaint to contact us directly at mgccomplaintescalations@mgcmortgage.com. We will be glad to work with you on this issue.

to MGC Representative #650427

I have been lied to over and over,I am a 100% disable from Armed Forces and serving my country 21yrs end up being forced to a a Medical Retirement now I live on a fix income now and trying to survive with out turning my life upside down and dealing with this mortgage company treating Americans like dogs and using the laws of our HAMP,HARP which they totaly ingnore,I have a long story with every document of everything sent them and what they sent me and these consumers are so correct we are losing our home the American way that we was taught from a child to work and pay your bills and become a law abiding citizens and than we get slapped in the face and yes we have contacted all the departments and got nowhere,I am upside down in my home and I just wanted to fix the problem and you can't with this company.I was protected under SCRA for serving my country and Ill die for my country and even u MGC mortgage that was my job and I did it well.Mr Mortgage Representative if you can fix America problem with MGC or just another lie 10 yrs of being ripped off and cant even get refinancing because they will not report to the credit Bureau 12 months on time payments so u can obtain financing to refi but the will report the negative.If any body doing a lawsuit Please contact me this is has to stop.

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